7 good reasons for SPONSORING Giorgio Vinella:

  1. Prestige;
  2. Visibility;
  3. Giorgio Vinella’s career;
  4. The duration in time of the binomial company-race driver;
  5. Possibility of experiencing the work of the Team, the driver and the racing event;
  6. Improvement of relations with potential customers and partners;
  7. Recognition of the corporate brand internationally;

To know more.

Advertising has always been a lever of success for companies and entrepreneurs, who entrusting and supporting their image to that of a sportsman have seen results and turnover grow for their companies and for their brand image.

A company that sponsors motor racing has a growth in prestige as it is commensurate with the importance that the public recognises for sport.  It is common knowledge that motor sports are expensive, niche and for people who can afford the luxury of being part of this world. The goal is always to reach a high number of contacts using direct and indirect communication channels such as magazines, TV and Internet.

Visibility is therefore guaranteed.  But also the cost/contact ratio improves considerably. The amount of a Sponsorship is always variable, taking into account the importance of the events, the follow-up that creates the event, the number of events, the performance results, etc.

The sponsored driver is given the right value due by the potential he can express, by his sports history and by the results achieved, because these are the factors that guarantee a greater audience and the success of the advertising investment.

Giorgio Vinella, his career and the results achieved represent the right mix necessary to achieve the goal.

Depending on the evidence you want to give to the company logo, the images, videos and all the material produced represent “the image” of the pair company-driver, and this has no expiration! It will always be online, in social media, in search engines and will always be visible over time. Memorable examples are the binomial Niki Lauda and his red cap with Parmalat logo or Lancia Delta and Martini.

Motor racing like few other sports brings together many people who watch athletes’ sporting endeavours with admiration and it is precisely the number of users who are able to intercept that increases the value of sponsorship.

The strength and effectiveness of a sponsorship also lies in what it does to surround the event itself. Considering that the goal of a sponsor is to sell more and acquire new customers, it is also necessary to invest in the collateral activities of the event itself, focusing on new potential customers. Get them to enter the Paddock to photograph racing cars and drivers, have hospitality with hostesses where to meet customers, organize events to try out cars with the drivers, they are all emotional activities that will bring the desired results.

Sponsorship can be complete, exclusive or only partial.

– Exclusive sponsorship means that there is only one sponsor covering the entire advertising investment, excluding the possibility for others to interfere by modifying the image and the overall livery.

– Complete means having the Main Sponsor Role that obtains the most important space on all possible means, from the racing car, to the driver’s suit, to the Motorhome  and the means of social communication linked to the driver such as the website, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc.

– Partial sponsorship provides the possibility to use the image of the driver only for some events and to choose only some of the other advertising media available. Making an in-depth assessment of the sponsors’ needs is of fundamental importance for a more correct and consistent as well as flexible advertising strategy.

Regardless of the type of investment made, the link with motorsport, a global sport, becomes indissoluble and is recognised internationally.

Giorgio Vinella represents all this.  Fill out the contact form and plan your project with him.

Examples of advertising space available for sponsors

Driver overall and team uniforms

Racing cars

BOX Layout


Interview panel


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