Hello, I’m Giorgio Vinella and I love driving.

I drive whatever has wheels it is fun and exciting!

Ever since I was a child it has always been for me. One day, at the age of 8, for fun I sat in the driving seat in my mother’s car, started the engine and begun driving. One meter forward and one meter back, then a few more meters and then off!!! It was simple, natural, as if I had always known how to do it.

Since then I have come a long way and now I’ll tell you who I am and how I arrived here.

The passion for cars unites us in many ways; mine was very deep and led me to want to improve more and more, to live and fully enjoy the performance and potential of the vehicles available to me.

Going to Race Circuits for the first experiences was with Go-karts; this was natural and above all, very useful.

The road was long and uphill, from the Go-Karts to racing cars up to Formula 1, but full of experiences, successes, some accidents and lots of joy. Happiness is all to do with what I’m passionate about, what I love and what I feel every time I get behind the wheel of road or racing cars. And this is because I have learned to “feel” and bring out the potential and beauty of every car.

I worked for many Racing schools, including the “Nigel Mansell Racing School at Brands Hatch” in the UK, the “Henry Morrogh Racing School” in Italy, I worked with many associations, clubs and manufacturers for events and driving courses.

Together with all the customers I shared a passion for cars, driving and speed. At the end of the driving sessions, many customers realized the awareness of not having the bases and the correct information useful to drive with full safety, rhythm and speed. I found this very positive, because only from awareness begins a real process of growth. And they found in this the help they needed from me.

Car enthusiasts like me are fascinated by everything, exterior and interior design, mechanics, sound and performance. But it is only when you drive that all the sensations become chills and joy. I help fans like me to experience these feelings.

For many years I managed a car dealership and I gained a lot of experience in this field. I therefore decided to combine the personalized sale of cars and my personal guidance. Every customer would be able to benefit from the advice for the purchase choice and the practical secrets for driving that, over time make the real difference to travel with speed safely.

Together with cars I love other sports, skiing, tennis and football, also the seaside, mountains, and traveling. Finally, good food and everything that makes me feel good. But it is the sharing of my passions with other people that makes everything more beautiful and enhances my feeling of well-being.

When a passion is strong it is also contagious, my two wonderful children share my passions and are currently small champions. In the end everything comes back.


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