Cars, what an invention!

With the car we move in absolute freedom, quickly reaching the desired places, we travel, but above all we get excited.

In fact, even just watching a beautiful car excites us; we like to hear the roar of the engine, especially of a beautiful sports car.

Our life travels and flows for a long time in a car. It is now part of us!

When we choose our new car, what drives us to choose a particular model?

There are those who say that the car was chosen because it is aesthetically beautiful, or it is very spacious, economical, or because it was attracted by commercial and financial offers. In short, there are many reasons to buy a car and to choose one among many.

But are there other reasons? By purchasing a car, are we always certain that the product offered or the commercial conditions were clear and convenient? Is it the right car for us? What is the criterion for choosing the dealer or retailer?

This experience has settled over the years and today I address it to those who want to buy a car with my help.


The sporting and working experience allows me to suggest how to choose the car you want, how to buy it at the right price, how to give serenity and joy to the purchase.

It would be nice to preserve over time the emotion that gives us to buy the car we dream of and that we so desire.

I intend to make the purchase joyful and complete, facilitating the choice of the product, the payment conditions and finally, teaching how to drive better!


While supporting sales, amazing options are advertised, very small and accessible monthly instalments, zero or slightly higher interest rates and often these options hide pitfalls that are often difficult to grasp.

With me at your side, thanks to the experience of sales, financial promotions and leasing, you can feel more confident in making the purchase.


A way of acquiring automobiles that is slowly taking hold is that of short, medium and long term rentals.

I said acquisition because the rental is not a purchase, it is a service and should be considered as such.

For whom is the rental convenient?  Why do some say that the rental is worthwhile? What is meant by convenience in this case? Why do some people prefer renting to traditional purchasing?

In reality they are all interesting questions and for everyone there is the right answer.  In fact, each of us has different needs and availability and I can help you choose the most suitable form.


Have you found a car in the shop area of ​​the site? Do you have any specific wishes for which you would like my attention and support? I am here, to give you the right emotion with your purchase.

Why am I talking about emotion?

Because buying the car so desired and being supported by a racing driver to get the right advice, would make the purchase more complete, exciting and safe.

Nice to have so many horsepower, knowing that the car can reach very high speeds and can turn without moving a millimetre, but are you able to do all this safely?

My consultancy also includes my coaching for half a day, a full day or several days on the road or track, based on the objective to be achieved.

Contact me for more information.


Do you have a particular car and do you think my site is useful in selling?

Looking for a particular car and do you think I can help you find it?

Fill out the form below, specifying your requests, I will respond promptly.


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