Welcome to the first page of my racing story.

On this first page I will tell you about my experiences in the world of Go Karts, as well as my beginning when I was 15. An age that is already ripe for those who come into this world.

Yes, because my racing career in the motor world began in 1988 with the first Regional and Interregional 100cc class Karting races.

Everything happened by chance when some friends who had old Go Karts invited me to see them go around, and that was how I fell in love with them!

I still remember what happened during the preparation of the Karts before entering the track, oil on the chain, general control of the throttle cable and brakes, tire pressure and then I saw something never seen before. A person who accelerates with one hand and with the other closes the carburettor and another person who with effort tries to make the rear wheels turn.

As soon as these start to spin the Kart goes in motion and I start to get excited!

A nice metallic noise, the smell of burnt oil, strong vibrations everywhere and then once the engine is warmed up, engine on full throttle to “clean” the carburettor.

A scream, a deafening noise that entered inside me making me vibrate in the stomach and that bewitched me. I had a wide smile, exactly like a child when he receives the gift he waited for long time. And then, a stroke of brakes and … silence!!! I was trembling, laughing and I loved it!!!

Listening to the engine screaming at almost 20,000 rpm and thinking about the excitement that a driver can feel going so fast pushed me to try.

I still remember like it was yesterday the beauty of sensations, the acceleration, the first oversteer and opposite lock, the fast corners and also the first spin!

I have a vivid memory and an image of myself, being on full throttle I thought I was very fast but instead I was overtaken at every braking point, inside and even from around the outside of corners!!!

I immediately understood that driving with karts or cars was what I would do for the rest of my life, it was not important in those situations to be overtaken, I enjoyed the moment and I was consciously aware that one day I was going to overtake the other drivers and that the achievement of the results would however involve so much work, dedication and perseverance.

In fact, the results achieved were satisfactory, having obtained numerous victories and podium finishes, culminating with the participation in the Regions Cup in 1992, representing Puglia with the national victory of our Regional team.

In 1993, the last year of Kart racing saw me finishing 2nd overall in the Trofeo del Sole, Interregional Championship Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria 100cc National category.


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