Giorgio Vinella organizes your successful event.

7 good reasons to organize an event with the consultancy and presence of Giorgio Vinella:

  1. Experience accumulated with direct participation in hundreds of top automotive events;
  2. Knowledge of the fundamental activities for the success of the event;
  3. Organizational skills;
  4. Optimization of time and resources;
  5. Cost containment thanks to a single and efficient management;
  6. Continuous assistance to the customer, direct and indirect;
  7. Planning of potential critical issues and proposal of alternative plans;

To know more

I spent many years driving racing cars, demonstrating with very expensive and powerful cars and prototypes, for prestigious car manufacturers, for companies and car dealerships and I attended and organised events of all kinds.

The difference between success and failure always was the ability to captivate the public and excite it.

Knowing the audience to contact and knowing why it participates in events is important. Knowing how to create the right target is a guarantee of success. Some customer profiles give greater guarantees of success, distinguished not only by age, gender, average income, educational qualifications, profession, location, hobbies and interests, but also to know which language they use and to which stimuli they respond. These aspects, which I have learned through experience, are transversal in the public, but differentiate it by inner aspects.

Let us always ask ourselves:

What value does the event add to people’s lives? Why should they attend the event?

Our age evolves with speed, people are always looking for new, personalised things. The decisions to be made are increasingly crucial and selective to create an event in which the people in the target will participate.

From IAEE surveys, 92% of people participate in events to learn, 78% participate if the location is adequate and inviting and 76% look for opportunities to meet new people. Therefore, it becomes central to take care of the contents to be offered, set up the location in a certain way and invite the right people to do networking.

I therefore use social media knowing how to maximise the potential and achieve the desired results, thanks to my work group.

An effective event will be talked about before and after, it will be original and unique.

Contact me to create your event together.



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