After my last Mugello Test with the Minardi Formula 1team, for long time I had been away from racing cars, from the tracks and from my passion.

But the passion does not fade, and so in 2008 by chance I read on the internet an article that gave news of a new Italian Championship that would have taken place with the new Fiat 500 and that the cost of the Championship would have been very low. So, curious I contacted the organizer and I decided to start running again restarting from the Fiat 500!!!

Obviously everything was completely different, and I had to adapt to everything. Technically the car had nothing in common with a single-seater, and even the way of driving had to be adapted to the car.

The 500 was a road car, adapted to the circuit; front-wheel drive, few horsepower, road gearbox …, for me it was like starting again!

I strongly wanted to do it because at least I returned to racing on Italian racetracks.

The first race was at Vallelunga, then at Magione, Adria, Varano de Melegari, Mugello Misano Adriatico and again at Vallelunga for the last round of the Championship.

During the Championship I had several podium finishes, ending at the Vallelunga race with a victory.


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